Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious wrote a cookbook, and was sweet enough to invite some bay area food bloggers over for a taste of what’s inside. Last week, at Cookhouse in San Francisco, Micheal prepared some dishes from his beautiful book, titled after his popular food blog. We spent the evening chatting among friends, enjoying the ample vegetarian fare in a stunning kitchen and dining room situated above bustling Columbus Ave in North Beach.

I’d just like you all to know that food bloggers are some of the nicest people out there. With every event I attend, this statement becomes more and more true. It’s like we were all cut from the same mold, separated at birth and are now reunited with one another. Michael was a sweet heart, and was such a joy to meet. This little group below,(me included!) are becoming fast friends and already have plans for a happy hour date in the near future. I can’t wait to see them again!

As a party favor, Michael was giving away free copies of his book. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to crack it open. If the food we enjoyed at Cookhouse is any indication of what will be coming from these pages, I expect to be more than satisfied.

Thanks again Michael and Harvard Common Press for a beautiful evening! I now look forward to Meatless Monday!

There were many dishes served family style during the evening, one of which was talked about by many: sauteed grapes with chevre. Unfortunately, I did not get to try it, but I look forward to making it myself. Here is the recipe in case you’d like to give it a whirl. From the praise the dish was getting from all the food bloggers, I’d add it to your list.

Chevre with Sauteed Grapes
from Michael Natkin, Herbivoracious
serves four


  • 8 oz. fresh chevre (goat cheese; I’m partial to the Laura Chenel brand)
  • 1 1/2 cups seedless red grapes, halved
  • 1 + 1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon fresh chives, minced
  • 1 tablespoon chive blossoms, pulled apart into individual flowerets
  • 1 tablespoon fresh oregano leaves
  • flaky sea salt


  1. Divide the chevre into 8 parts and roll into balls. Set aside to warm up towards room temperature.
  2. Just before you are ready to serve, saute the grapes in 1 tablespoon of the oil for 30 seconds over medium-high heat.
  3. To serve, place the chevre balls on a plate. Distribute the warm grapes over the top. Drizzle with the remaining tablespoon of olive oil. Garnish with the herbs and sea salt

If you’d like to order Michael’s book, you can find it here.

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May 3, 2012. quick and easy, vegetarian.


  1. Barbara replied:

    You always have the best information and I look forward to all your blogs.

  2. Michael Natkin (@michaelnatkin) replied:

    I had so much fun meeting you and all of the SF crüe! Thanks for letting folks know about the book.

    • Rachel Logan replied:

      Of course Michael! Thanks for spoiling us! I hope the rest of your tour is going well!

  3. joleen replied:

    Wow, this looks like so much fun!

  4. Samantha replied:

    This looks like it was so fun! I couldn’t agree with you more that food bloggers are some of the nicest people out there. I’m fairly new to the blogosphere and have made some wonderful connections through the mutual love of food. :)

    • Rachel Logan replied:

      Samantha, I LOVE your blog! Just beautiful. I look forward to reading more! Stating that food bloggers are the greatest, does that mean we are inadvertently saying we are the nicest? ;)

  5. diannejacob replied:

    Hi, I finally read your post. Great job on the event and gorgeous photos to accompany. Yes, I have to agree that food bloggers are excellent company.

    • Rachel Logan replied:

      Thanks so much Dianne! It was such a wonderful event. Such a delight to meet you!

  6. Herbivoracious Across America » Harvard Common Press replied:

    […] Ode To Goodness […]

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