san francisco underground market

Last night I had a wonderful adventure. About once a month, forage sf hosts an underground market. Not unlike a speak easy back in the prohibition days, this market produces a venue for culinary aficionados of all kinds to come out and sell their unlicensed stuff without the hassle of The Man. It’s an incredible opportunity for people who are home cooks, bakers, preservers, or sarsaparilla makers to come out and see if they have what it takes to keep this city’s cravings at bay without having to fork over a ton of cash for licensing, commercial kitchen use and the like. After the turn out last night I don’t think there is any doubt that San Francisco was definitely satisfied, and then some. The line for the venue was a couple hundred deep most of the night and we waited in line for over an hour just to walk in, but oh was it worth it.

Take a look at this visual tour of what turned out to be my favorite food and who turned out to be my favorite people of the night. Check out their websites, facebook pages, or email them when you’re in need of a good biscuit or a super cute pie stand to make your event stand out from the rest.

If you’re interested in attending the next underground market, visit the forage sf website and sign up to be a member (it’s free!). That will get you in the door (along with two bucks) and will keep you up to date with the when and where on future markets.


Isn't that the most adorable set up you've ever seen?


This is the back of her pie stand! Genius!


Jaynelle of Pietisserie!


For some delicious pies contact!

biscuit boy

Poppy seed biscuits from biscuit boy.

biscuit boy

Van, of biscuit boy.

biscuit boy

These biscuits were amazing! Contact Van at to try your own!

Maggie May Bacon Sweets

Bacon and Jack Daniel's caramel corn. Oh my. I'm sure there is crack in this stuff!

Maggie May Bacon Sweets

It's your lucky day! You can order this stuff from Maggie's etsy page! {}

pecan sticky buns

Pecan sticky buns from Lulu's! They look like little gems!


The Lulu's menu. I wish I had a way to get these to you! When I hear from her, I'll update you with the info!

saucy dumplings

Delicious steamed pork dumplings from Saucy Dumplings! Mmmmm.

saucy dumplings

Michael, the dumpling maker. He sure looked like he was having a good time! Contact saucy dumplings at {} They cater!

The Pizza Hacker

The start of a margherita pizza by The Pizza Hacker.

The Pizza Hacker

Jeff, The Pizza Hacker turned a Weber BBQ into a pizza oven. It's completely ingenious and completely amazing. Contact Jeff at {}. Check out his schedule and get a pie of your own at {}


Soft, delicious Challah.


Perfect tarts. Jessica the baker was very sweet and helpful when I asked how she gets her dough to come out so perfect. You can contact her at You can also check out her blog at:!


Sarsaparilla! It was delicious, homemade and reminded me of my childhood!

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June 5, 2010. foodies, happenings, things you should check out.


  1. Mom replied:

    Wow!!! You never know what gems you will find while perusing the magazines waiting for your car to be serviced!! I am so glad I was able to give you the scoop on this….I knew it was something you would enjoy!!

  2. Joan replied:

    Cool stuff! My dad built a pie shelf like that for their freezer back in the days when my mom made scads of apple pies to freeze. Really handy. That event looked like the perfect place for foodies and card-carrying candida club members.

  3. Barbara replied:

    OMG! That sounds (and looks) like heaven. You will have to tell me more about your day. My mouth is watering and now I’m hungry too. I’ll be checking out some websites in a minute…

  4. Tweets that mention san francisco underground market « ode to goodness -- replied:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iso Rabins, Sidesaddle Kitchen and christinatran, Brandon. Brandon said: RT @forageSF: Great post on fridays #undergroundmarket Thanks to everyone that came out! […]

  5. Jessica Hubler replied:

    Oh odetogoodness! I love your site! I am Jessica (the baker of the tarts you feature above) of Sweet Francisco. A coworker of mine follows your site and was nice enough to share it with me when he noticed that you had photographed my tarts at Friday’s Underground Market. I have to say, I am beyond flattered that you found them nice enough to photograph and post about.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get any business cards printed before the market, but I’m working on it now. If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to share my information with you, though. Just let me know if that would be okay and I will post it (or send it to you via email, if you would prefer).

    Thanks again for the mention! It made my day!

    • Rachel Logan replied:

      Jessica! Thank you SO much for your comment! You are so sweet! I’m really glad you found me! Please do leave your information, that would be great. If you could email it to me {} I’ll update my post so that everyone knows how to find you!

  6. Jacky replied:

    Wow! We were searching for images of sarsaparilla and found this image of us (Jilli ice cream and soda) from the June market! We love your blog and the pictures of the market are wonderful. Next time you’re at one of the markets, let us know, and your next bottle of our soda is on us :)

  7. gypsyknight replied:

    Hey! Salsa Delfina now has their own blog- check it out!

    I am going to put a link to Ode to Goodness in my blog as well. Thanks for writing about us!


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